Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact the Rugby School for more information.

Will it cost me money to send my child to The Rugby School?

No, all funding is provided by your local school district.

What age group does The Rugby School serve?

6-21 years of age.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Each teacher is certified by the state of New Jersey and are considered highly qualified.

How does The Rugby School prepare my child for life after graduation?

The Rugby School had transitional programs in place to prepare students for life after Rugby.

“Fast Start” allows students to earn undergraduate credit through local community colleges.

“Rugby W.O.R.K.S” offers on the job training for occupational readiness.

Visit the Transitional Programs page for more information.

How many students are in each classroom?

The maximum number of students in a classroom is 12 with at least one teacher and one paraprofessional.

How does The Rugby School’s academic program meet the needs of each child?

The Rugby School offers a wide variety of academic programs from remedial to college prep. Teachers provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each student. All modifications and accommodations are implemented by the instructor as per the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

What clinical services will my child receive?

Each student will be assigned a counselor that will provide them with emotional support during the school day. Counselors will help navigate each student’s academic life to be a successful student. This may include helping students cope with school phobia, improve school attendance, socialization skills, and fitting in. This is achieved through individualized counseling and group therapy.

My child has behavioral issues, how is this dealt with?

The Rugby School has implemented a system of behavior management to reinforce a positive climate. Students have the opportunity to earn points throughout the school day. They may redeem their points for privileges based on their likes and interests.


Does The Rugby School have an Extended School Year Program (ESY)?

Yes. We offer a six week program during July and August.

How does The Rugby School respond to reports of bullying?

The Rugby School takes bullying seriously and addresses all concerns. Our end goal is to bring mutual respect and understanding to all students involved and eliminate the problem immediately. When necessary HIB policies are implemented.

Can my child participate in district sports and activities?

Yes.  Students may participate in team sports, clubs and activities such as prom graduation ceremonies.

What is The Rugby School’s greatest strength?

Our sense of community and the fact that we embrace and nurture each student as an individual.